College Consulting Services

TKCC offers many different college planning services that we customize to suit your student’s needs. We can work with you and your student as part of a comprehensive package or on an hourly basis.

We start working with most students during their junior year in high school, but it is never too soon to explore our college counseling services. We will work with students as early as the beginning of their freshman year to help with course selection and extra curricular planning.  We will also work with first-semester seniors who are looking for additional support.  TKCC also offers essay support for graduate school candidates.

Most of our clients are on the North Shore, but Skype has enabled us to work with students in different parts of the country.

College Planning Services:

  • Student assessment through parent and student interviews, transcript review, test scores and extra curricular activities.
  • Create initial list of colleges.
  • Teach students and their parents how to do further research on their own.
  • Provide guidelines on how to get the most out of college visits.
  • Compile a final college list based on feedback from the student and their parents.
  • Help with course selection, recommendations decisions and extracurricular choices.
  • Provide essay support through brainstorming ideas, reviewing drafts and proofreading completed essays.
  • Assist students in staying organized and meeting all necessary application deadlines.
  • Conduct mock interviewing sessions when necessary.
  • Provide advice with admissions, wait list and deferral decisions.