“Tracey has guided both of our children through the college admissions process. She is gifted at providing direction to both students and parents in helping to select and successfully apply to colleges which are a great fit. Having Tracey as part of the process was an amazing stress reducer for all of us. She stepped in and made sure all parts of the process were handled on time and handled well. I highly recommend Tracey and her college guidance services!”
— A Highland Park Parent

“Our daughter was so overwhelmed by all of her applications. Unfortunately, my husband and I were unable to help her. Tracey stepped in and was fabulous. She made our lives so much easier and took the stress out of the process. When the high school college counselor told our daughter not to apply to her first choice school because she wouldn’t get in, Tracey gave her the confidence to apply any way and YES she did get in! Our daughter is enjoying her freshman year at her first choice school right now, thanks to Tracey!”

A Riverwoods Parent

“Tracey Kritt College Consulting provided a team of knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy individuals who helped guide me through the MBA process. They were attentive and timely, and always ensured that my original voice and ideas were heard in the final product. I could not imagine a better group of people to work with and would recommend them time and time again!”

A Former Student

“Tracey and her team were one of three college consulting services I considered going in to my senior year.  As I sat through meetings with each, I noticed the body language they used and the way they talked about my application, college goals, and personality traits.  I knew right away that Tracey cared about me and was passionate about me finding the right home for the next four years; I wasn’t just another college application that needed to be completed, but a person with real questions about where I should go to college and how to create the best representation of myself through my application.  Tracey and her team were thorough in reviewing my application and helping me.  Ultimately they helped me attend my dream college and made me feel important along the way.”

A Former Student

“As a Business Development Manager who works with consultants on a daily basis, I understand how important it is to work with Top Talent. Having the opportunity to work with Tracey Kritt as a college counselor has been amazing. From the first meeting, you as a parent get a total sense that you have come to the right place. Her understanding of today’s high school student and getting them to open up and feel comfortable happens immediately. Tracey also takes the time to understand the family dynamics, financial requirements and educational goals and incorporates them in her search process. Tracey will stop at nothing to make the parents and student feel comfortable and will go the extra mile to make it work. Her ability to work one on one with each student gives them a sense of empowerment and autonomy which is the first step to a successful college experience. I highly recommend Tracey Kritt as one of the best decisions you and your family will make.”

A Deerfield Parent

“I honestly don’t know how I could have gotten my applications done without you guys!  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.”

A Former Student